Materialist Dialectics

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The section Materialist Dialectics - Scientific Atheism of the Russian Philosophical Society edits CD/DVD-Series, magazines Questions of marxist philosophy (Ivan I. Makarov), Enlightement, The new atheist, humanitarian scientifique books (including 3rd Russian edition of Collected Works of Marx and Engels), newspapers Moment of Truth, Marxist Paper and Atheistic Paper (Victor Isaychikov), maintains homepages Materialist Dialectics, Cultpolitprosvet (International University of Modern Socialism), "Russian Humanist Society", Atheists of Moscow Region, "Atheists of Orel Region" as well as Russian Division of Lenin/Marx/Engels Internet Archive, forums "The Class Struggle", "Political Opposition", "Political News" and conducts Academy of Freethinking in Moscow.

Leader of the section is Vyacheslav Sachkov


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